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Welcome to the Open Know-Where Specification

A standard for mapping manufacturing capabilities.

Version 1of Open Know-Where was published on 2nd October 2020.

Please access the standard here.


The Internet of Production Alliance commenced a project to define a mapping standard for documenting and sharing information about the location of manufacturing capabilities globally.

This project follows on from the success of the Open Know-How documentation standard project, released in September 2019. Please find more information about Open Know-How here.

An open standard to define a mapping standard to map machines and their manufacturing capabilities, detailing their locations and other important information was developed.

We call this Open Know-Where.


Open Know-Where will make it easier to find and share information about the location of manufacturing facilities and capabilities globally.

The project was particularly interested in the accessibility of knowledge relating to making things useful in humanitarian and development situations.

The specification is designed to be adopted by anyone who collects or shares data about manufacturing capabilities, including government, non government organisations (NGOs), aid agencies, mapping communities, makers and platforms. Open Know-Where defines data that meets the needs of a broad range of use cases and purposes.

Adopting the Open Know-Where specification will:

  • Improve the discovery of manufacturing facilities and equipment within the manufacturing industry and maker communities.
  • Enable someone who wants to access a manufacturing facility to discover who they should be contacting.
  • Improve relationships and collaboration between users and networks.
  • Make data about the location of manufacturing capabilities more easily discoverable and accessible when needed.
  • Enable better curation and management of data, so it can be collated, organised, queried and filtered.
  • Enable the curation of tools to extract the maximum value from the data.

Open Know-Where

Open Know-Where Draft One was published in August 2020, and is available here.

Open Know-Where Version One aims to be published in September 2020.


Facilitation and technical authoring was undertaken by Barbal.

The project is being led by Anna Sera Lowe of Manufacturing Change and is sponsored by the Shuttleworth Foundation.

Info Page Contents

  1. Key Definitions
  2. Scoping
  3. Commenting on the Specification
  4. Participants
  5. OKW User Stories
  6. Minutes and Notes
  7. License and Intellectual Property Rights
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