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Construction Responds - standards and specifications in a climate emergency


The construction industry is declaring a climate emergency. As a key contributor to climate change, the industry must undergo a paradigm shift in our behaviour. If we are to reduce and eventually reverse the environmental damage we are causing, we will need to re-imagine our buildings, cities and infrastructures as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating and self-sustaining system.

The industry runs on standards and specifications, Construction Responds is a free and open source resource to address gaps and deficiencies in the existing published standards.

Whilst there are high level frameworks for responding to the climate emergency and improving the sustainability of projects, there are not enough specific and implementable resources targeting technical areas of construction. Construction Responds provides an overlay to existing design standards and construction specifications that can be implemented unambiguously.

The standards contained here on StandardsRepo are complemented by guidance and over 800 articles on sustainable construction on Designing Buildings Wiki.

An activist’s approach to construction standards

Through Construction Responds we are not seeking to represent the entire views of the industry and we will not accommodate compromises for the benefit of commercial interests. This is a hard line approach to mitigating climate change by directly addressing construction’s impact on carbon emissions and biodiversity.

This introduction sets out the principles applied in Construction Responds standards and high level requirements to be applied across all construction projects.

A Structural Engineering standard is under development.


Construction Responds is voluntary and open source. Anyone can contribute. Please contact hello@standardsrepo.com to get involved.